This is an emergency situation and as said before, the best thing to do is turn your water off at the mains straight away to avoid wasting water.

We specialise in these issues and can be relied on to do the following:

  • Burst pipes repaired/replaced
  • Locate water leaks in the ground and the walls
  • Trace and locate water pipes


If you receive an abnormally large water bill or have other reasons to suspect a water leak, allow us to investigate the cause. We have the technology to locate water leaks in the ground and in the walls. We can trace and locate water pipes, determine the source of the leak and promptly resolve it.

Here are some tips for detecting and identifying a water leak:

  •  Damp patches inside on the floor/carpet/walls/ceiling/etc
    Soggy patches of ground outside, around, and under the house
  • If you suspect a leak and want to test – make sure every tap in the house is turned off and check to see if the water meter is still ticking over
    Inspect every visible water/plumbing connection inside and outside the property to check for leaks, and listen out for running water
  • The more you can do to identify and locate a water leak yourself, the more you’ll save on time and money, and the more we can cater our services to your needs when you call to tell us of your problem.

We have experience working with different types of pipes made of different materials, which helps us know which tools and materials are required to complete the job appropriately.

It is essential to repair leaking pipes, not only to save you money on your water bill, but for possible future issues that may be very costly to repair, and even possible health issues. Imagine if there was a water leak that began affecting foundations of the house – especially in much older houses, this could be quite disastrous. Water leaks could also lead to wood rot, weakening the structure of the house and inviting many more problems including health problems associated with fungal growth on the moist timber.

Still got questions?

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