Water tanks are an amazing way to improve your home’s sustainability. Water tanks are designed to catch and recycle rainwater, so you can reuse the water in your garden or your toilets. Our team can also advise on the current regulations regarding water tanks for the Sunshine Coast area at the time of installation.

Not only can we install your water tanks, but can install pumps, water diverter kits, downpipe kits and leaf strainers that will enhance your tanks functionality – keeping it clean at all times.

Our team are experts in all aspects of water management for your property. If you are considering using mains water alongside your rainwater, it is recommended to install a water filter in your home. This is something we can assist you with as well.

We are proud to advise we are the preferred installer for QTank and Kingspan in the Sunshine Coast area. No tank is too difficult for our experienced staff.

Ready for Sustainable Solutions?

Let Top Dog Plumbing on the Sunshine Coast be your Water Tanks Installers. Trust our 150+ Google reviews. Experience peace of mind as we expertly handle your installation needs. From seamless consultations to professional setup, our skilled team ensures a stress-free experience. Enjoy the benefits of water conservation and self-sufficiency with our reliable service. Want to save water and money?

Contact us now at 07 5370 9532 to schedule an appointment. Let us guide you through the process and install a water tank tailored to your needs. Embrace sustainability with Top Dog Plumbing—the trusted choice for water tank installations. Start your eco-friendly journey today and relax knowing you’ve made a positive impact on the environment.

Frequently asked questions

What is a water tank installation?

A water tank installation involves setting up a storage container to collect rainwater or store water for various uses, including irrigation and household needs.

What types of water tanks are available for installation?

There are various options, including polyethylene tanks, steel tanks, underground tanks, and slimline tanks, each designed to suit different spaces and requirements.

What are the benefits of installing a water tank?

Installing a water tank can help conserve water, reduce water bills, provide an alternative water source for irrigation, and contribute to eco-friendly practices.

Can I install a water tank myself?

While simple installations may be possible, professional plumbers are recommended for proper installation to ensure correct sizing, placement, and safe connections.

How can Top Dog Plumbing assist with water tank installations?

Our experienced team can assess your property, recommend suitable water tank options, perform the installation, and ensure proper connections.

Are there regulations or permits required for water tank installations?

Regulations vary by location, and some areas may require permits for water tank installations. Our experts can provide guidance on local requirements.

Can I use rainwater collected in a water tank for drinking?

Rainwater collected in properly maintained water tanks can be used for non-potable purposes like irrigation and washing, but further treatment is needed for drinking water.

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